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On the 11th I get an email saying my order is ready to ship soon.

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Maybe if I was really strict, then I would have lost more weight. 11lbs in a month still makes me happy.The food is fine and fills me up since all I do is sit on my butt all day.I have tried everything.juicing, pills, workout programs, cleansing, starving, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers.

You were well within that, but I guess you were expecting more.The food is much better than I thought it would be and those little snack bars are what saved me from my habit of snacking between meals.

Well the startling news is they company is still here and the FDA does NOT have issue with their food.Gaining weight off program will happen if I do not keep the portions down and frequent.Cost: You need to pay for a full four-week course of food at the outset (using a credit card helps spread this cost).Started the diet on July 22 and like I mentioned above, my weight was a little over 247 pounds.Hey Beatrice, that truly is amazing news, thanks for sharing your success with us.My experience and the observation of others have been ultimately you need to get off your lazy butt and make a long term life style change.Cost of the diet program depends on the chosen menu and diet plan.

Sure, I thought the pasta meals were hit and miss and some were poor while others were really good.We planted a garden and makes it more fun to grow your own salads.

It was working better on me than my sister who only lost 3 pounds that first week.In the same amount of time, my husband has lost 11 pounds and he is quite pleased with the program.A few years ago before I retired, I used to get a few pounds overweight thanks to sitting a lot all day and of course as you get older it gets harder to shift the extra.

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I totally agree with J Mayer, who said that the bloating and gas might be the processed food and sodium of Nutrisystem.Some pasta was mushy, while othere were to hard and not cooked enough, I did follow every direction.Nutrisystem is cutting down the big portioned meals we are all used to, so your stomach at first is really confused and wanting to be full.

Like the previous commenter Rudy, I just completed week 2 of the basic mens plan and was stunned when I lost 5lbs in the first 6 days.There are many very effective treatments that can restore your hormone balance which can help with your weight.

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Stay with this diet for as long as you can or as long as it takes to reach your target weight and body size.My husband and I both started this diet, he needs to lose 40 pounds I need to lose 100.How many have been able to come off the nutrisystem diet and maintain the weight they lost.You do have to add in vegetables but that is fine I feel fuller.I figured even another 4 lbs would be great because I was already looking good in tighter clothes like my friends.I do not like to cook and I do not have the time to prepare meals.

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