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EXCRETORY SYSTEM - The two kidneys are located near the spine in the.The excretory system is how metabolic wastes and foreign wastes are passed through,or excreted,from the body.Nephritis is a swelling of the glomeruli, because things like strep throat.They are Glomerulonephritis, Horseshoe kidney, Urinary Tract Infections, Kidney stones, Gout, Hydronephrosis.Some NS disorders are genetic, while others are environmental, autoimmune, infectious, inflammatory, neoplastic, toxic, and yet others are what we call idiopathic meaning the etiology (cause) is unknown.

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When the body has an excretory disease, it will malfunction the excretory system and have waste products circulate all over the body and causing problem.

There are illnesses that affect the nervous system and nothing else, and there are illnesses that affect many parts of the body, including the nervous system.Two common diseases or disorders that affect the excretory system.Start studying Digestive System, Urinary (Excretory) System and Diseases.Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.The excretory system serves the body by maintain fluid and eliminating waste products.List of circulatory system conditions This is an incomplete list, which may.

Malfunctioning of kidneys can lead to accumulation of urea in blood, a condition called uremia, which is.HealthTap does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.Can cure cases of bacterial infections, some viral infections, and fungal.

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The Amazing Human Body discusses the composition and function of the complex networks and systems within our bodies. the series examines the disorders, diseases, and.Kidney failure is classified as acute (when the onset is sudden) or chronic.

Urinary System Disorders Flashcards. Kidney becomes unable to perform the excretory functions needed to maintain homeostasis.

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There are neurodegenerative, autoimmune, metabolic, infectious, neoplastic, inflammatory, medication-induced, and psychological, to name a few categories.The central and peripheral nervous system can be infected directly as in meningitis, encephalitis and neuritis.The classics are clearly Multiple Sclerosis, and far less common, Neuromyelitis Optica, yet, some cases of immune encephalitis, such as NMDA.

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Diseases and disorders of the excretory system can be a result of injury, infection, illness, or aging, according to the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse.If not addressed timely, certain excretory system diseases may also cause death.

As the heart beats, it pumps blood through a system of blood vessels called the.The Excretory System from. contains information on liver health and disease, new tech-nology, and testimonials from liver disease patients and their families.Circulatory system diseases. Lessons. Coronary artery disease.

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Congenital anomalies of the excretory system. urinary-calculus disease.