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I am a busy college student with a job, so my schedule resulted in quick and easy fast food.But certainly NOT like a previous commenter just said like chemicals or whatever.Then take a moment to find out more about how this can work for you if you decide that its right for you.I started the Nutrisystems program 3 weeks ago and have dropped 5.2 pounds so far.The good news is that I still go out 1-2 times per week to our favorite bars and restaurants.Also, I heard once you get to your goal weight you go into maintanence and you start replacing 1 meal a day with regular food.Eating is a lifestyle choice and what you eat is going to affect your body.Simply add some fresh green vegetables and other grocery items recommended by Nutrisystem to accompany the meals.

IF anything, it at least is teaching me to eat more salads and smaller portions.Remember that the cost of this diet includes a whole 28 days of 3 full meals plus snacks and protein shakes per day here.In 6 months I went from a healthy size 8 to a 14, gained 30 pounds and felt horrible.Hi Mary, I just read your comments and something similar happened to me back in May this year.

A possible answer is that much of that could have been excess water weight, because believe it or not when you start to drink lots of water the body actually releases excess stored water.I can pick out my meal and never worry about what my husband will eat.Its well worth the higher cost for food I can eat and actually enjoy.Problem was, during all that time my motivation went to nothing and I started comfort eating instead.Click To Redeem. nutrisystem first week. nutrisystem aetna discount code. janet jackson nutrisystem commercial youtube. nutrisystem 4 week plan with weekends off.He never tried to talk me into not canceling, he did offer a few suggestions on how I could try it, I said no thank you, and that was that.But second time around I ordered the select program that cost more but the meals are tons better.Most veggies are low calorie and fill you up while being healthy.As far as I know, no one has nailed it to any one thing in the food, so the cause of gas could simply be different people have different experiences with it.

If there is an item i dont like i simply add fresh salsa to the food and it makes everything taste better.

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I was surprised at how good the food was, specially after reading some people say it was horrible.This is teaching me to eat small portions throughout the day.

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Their bodies need to get used to digesting healthy food and this can sometimes create gas.I totally agree with J Mayer, who said that the bloating and gas might be the processed food and sodium of Nutrisystem.I also plan to do a cleansing the first two weeks of the program.I cook homemade meals (largely organic, fresh) almost every night for my family, so I am not a processed food eater usually, and I like the food.

Note: Every attempt has been made to ensure this Nutrisystem reviews article is unbiased while remaining factual and accurate.I have to try and be diplomatic when answering some of the worst complainers since this is my site.Thanks in advance for any thoughts or ideas you may have for me.I ate a load of junk always Mcdonalds or pizza or takeout so my diet wasnt ever good.I was just reading the comment by Toni and it mirrors my own experience with my husband.

You can add your own improvements to the main meals to make them even more satisfying.Go to any nutrition or calorie count site and plug in Nutrisystem Meals.To get the right perspective, first take the total price you pay for the diet.This might result in producing some flatulence (gas) in some folks.We both work out regularly so we felt that learning to eat tegular small meals would be worth a try.Not as fast as I hoped it would come off, but at least it IS coming off.

Hey Beck, thanks for saying so and congrats on losing 4 pounds so far.Maybe the food on this program is better tasting than my usual fare.Meaning, in order to not stay hungry all day, you will have to add more foods other then veggies and fruits.

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Anything else that comes from the store is packed full of sugar and is just money down the drain and inches on your waist.I started the Atkins diet, using the meal replacement bars, then a dinner on Atkins diet home cooked.

Nutrisystem is one of the most popular weight-loss solutions out there.I can say Without a doubt that that I followed it exactly as directed.NutriSystem - FREE 4 Weeks of Food with Auto-delivery and search similar deals, read reviews, view auctions, do price comparison, setup deal alert, discuss and share it.

Everyone naturally has an opinion and often its the wrong ones that derail people from their weight goals if they listen to and take them to heart.It does that so it can cope with a potential long haul of calorie restriction.She recommended it to me when I started talking about wanting to lose some weight, so we both decided to do it.The only thing that should matter anyway is my name and address and the guarantee I was given that all orders were cancelled.Before I started the program, I was resigned to the fact (so I thought) that the food would be bad.After the first week I was blown away when I weighed in 6 pounds lighter.I got used to eating small meals and I still do, so I guess my stomach learned something during that diet.